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IZO (ee-so) is a shorted version of the Spanish word hizo obtained from the verb hacer, which means to make, do, perform or act. IZO does quality work that inspires change, represents passion and develops brands. At IZO we value each client, brand, and product. IZO differentiates each project and creates a unique plan to establish a connection with your target market.

What We Do



  • From the everyday consumer to different ethnic markets we can help you reach your target audience through creating, communicating and delivering your product or message. We are bilingual and bi-cultural and we incorporate cultural values into the work we produce, which allows consumers to identify with the product personally. Through figuring out what consumers need and want, we help build a message that leads to a long lasting relationship with our clients.

  • At IZO we develop strategic public relations plans that build valuable relationships between you and your target audiences. We zero in on your market segment, set realistic goals, objectives, tactics and help you measure the results. IZO understands how important it is to build a strong relationship and focuses on communicating a simple straightforward message that builds a strong platform with your audience.

  • With search engine optimization and social media becoming more popular every year, IZO can help you with maximizing the number of visitors to your website, mobile and tablet development, and social media plan creation. We know the ins and outs of online marketing, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Pinterest, email marketing, LinkedIn, etc. IZO also understand how important it is to measure those results and know just what platforms do that best.

  • We understand that there are different types of consumers out there, some respond to what they read others respond to touch, for those that respond to what they see, IZO develops media and videos. From ads to PSA’s we do it all. We help our clients come alive to consumers through visual development in graphics, photos and videos.

  • A well thought out message and image can only go so far without having community support. The team at IZO has the tools and strategies to help you build a strong, lasting relationship with the community you are a part of. Through focus groups, community engagement, and having a wide range of contacts, we help our clients learn about the people close to them and reach their audience in a positive manner.

  • Today brand identity is essential to your consumer recognizing you or your product. With a strong brand you can differentiate yourself from your competitors. We take our clients message and image and turn it in to an identity that can be easily communicated to their potential consumers. IZO bridges the gap between the image and identity and produces a product that symbolizes the client and separates them from their competitors.

  • Building face to face connections, through networking events, corporate meetings, trade shows or a gala, help create a lasting image and memorable experience for you with your consumers. We can help you create the perfect environment that will promote your message or product to your attendees. The team at IZO will help you with design, aesthetics, choosing the right venue, catering, print materials, video, audio, and interactive, live talent.

Our Clients


IZO Marketing Chalkboard Project
IZO Marketing TeachOregon PAC
IZO Marketing Pacific University
IZO Marketing COSA
IZO Marketing Portland State University
IZO Marketing Oregon Health CO-OP
IZO Marketing Woodburn Fiesta Mexicana
IZO Marketing OCDC
IZO Marketing Marion County
IZO Marketing Salem Health
IZO Marketing TN Communications
IZO Marketing Centro Cultural

IZO Marketing Chalkboard Project

Client: Chalkboard Project - OpenBooks
Services: Focus Group, Social Media, Community Outreach
Client Profile:
The team at IZO conducted focus groups targeting Spanish speaking Latino parents, developed and implemented a bilingual social media campaign targeting the Latino community and increased and cultivated the number of Latino Ambassadors for the Chalkboard Project

TeachOregon Pac

Client: TeachOregon PAC
Services: Brand Identity, Multicultural Marketing, Website
Client Profile:
The team at IZO is developing TeachOregon’s brand, which will include community outreach, email marketing, flyer creation, and logo design.

Client: Woodstock Chiropractic Clinic
Services: Website, Email Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media
Client Profile:
The team at IZO created and implemented a 12 month strategic marketing plan, which included a bilingual website, activating and running social media accounts, traditional Public Relations, community outreach, and Spanish language TV ads.


Client: Pacific University
Services: Marketing, Email Marketing
Client Profile:
The team at IZO created and implemented email marketing and flyers.


Client: Confederation of Oregon School Administrators
Services: Social Media, Email Marketing
Client Profile:
The team at IZO is constructing a 12 month social media plan, which will also include email marketing through Constant Contact.


Client: Oregon Health Authority
Services: Community Outreach
Client Profile:
The team at IZO led Spanish language focus groups and developed a detailed report of results; in addition, the team transcribed SmokeFree Car Materials.

Client: TN Communications
Services: Email Marketing
Client Profile:
The team at IZO manages TN Communication's email marketing.


Client: Silverton Health
Services: Community Outreach
Client Profile:
The team at IZO led Spanish language focus groups and developed a detailed report of results.


Client: Portland State University
Services: Media & Video Production
Client Profile:
The team at IZO helped PSU with Global Diversity & Inclusion through developing Spanish language videos, “U Belong.”


Client: Oregon's Health CO-OP
Services: Multicultural Marketing
Client Profile:
The team at IZO transcribed the organizations website.


Client: Woodburn Fiesta Mexicana
Services: Event Marketing, Websites & Social Media, Media & Video Production
Client Profile:
The team at IZO developed and implemented a plan for the 2013 event that included creation of a website, development of social media accounts, and media buying and planning.


Client: Oregon Child Development Coalition
Services: Websites & Social Media, Public Relations
Client Profile:
The team at IZO helped the statewide nonprofit plan the organizations 40th Anniversary, which included website development, social media, across the state events, and traditional public relations.

Client: Marion County Environmental Services
Services: Multicultural Marketing
Client Profile:
The team at IZO completed Spanish language media buying and planning.


Client: Salem Health
Services: Social Media
Client Profile:
The team at IZO constructed a social media plan and developed diversity flyers.

Client: Centro Cultural
Services: Public Relations
Client Profile:
The team at IZO provided pro-bono work which included public relations, strategic marketing and promotion campaign plan and fundraising services.

Who We Are




Building strong relationships between his clients and consumers is what he does best. As a values‐driven company, IZO delivers the most brand‐loyal audience in Oregon to clients through innovative public relations, marketing and community outreach campaigns. Anthony prides himself on providing excellent customer service while working with them from start to finish on each and every project.



This Video, Photo, and Web guru is a local Oregonian with over 10 years experience in the digital marketing field. After getting his BA in Business Management from Portland State, Evan has owned and operated YG Media. Anthony and Evan have partnered to bring high power digital marketing with a twist of lime!











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