We are a full service
multicultural marketing agency.

Beyond language. We help create marketing strategies and campaigns that break through the noise and get your message across into the multicultural Hispanic market.

Our work inspires community change, it represents passion and develops a roadmap to success. IZO differentiates each project and creates a unique plan to establish a connection with multicultural markets.


Multicultural Marketing

Our expertise lies in the Latin@ market. We provide research services, strategy and a roadmap to a successful marketing plan.


We utilize our clients brand to attract diverse customers or community members, establishes a following and generates change!

Public Relations

Whether its English or Spanish language media, our team will execute PR strategies that aggressively position, communicate, promote and strengthen your brand to foster a broader public understanding of the organization?s mission, products and services.

Outreach & Engagement

It is all about relationship! With decades of work in diverse communities, IZO has built the trust needed to make our work targeted and efficient.

Social Media

Diverse millennials were early adapters in social media. Social media advertising has quickly become a powerful tool in an online advertising strategy.

Media Placement & Buying

Our equity lens will help our clients get out in front in a cultural competency way to most effectively grab there attention.

Photography & Video

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. This still holds true today. Video is critical as well to grab the attention of your diverse clients, engage them and inform them.


Adapting a message from one language to another, while maintaining its intent, style, tone, and context is critical when communicating to diverse communities!


(Understand/Define) Who is your audience? What do they care about? Why is there a need to share with them? Research helps validate important decisions made for brand communication and helps get buy-in from leadership to support initiatives. The research helps clarify goals and provide outreach and engagement plans that focus on what’s important to customers. Methods and tools may include surveys, interviews, or focus groups. 

IZO was tasked by the Oregon Latinx Leadership Network (OLLN) to devise a comprehensive campaign to inform, educate, and engage Latinx communities. OLLN purpose is to target COVID-19 safety and prevention messages to Latino/a/x and indigenous communities throughout Oregon using public relations, various communication vehicles (paid, owned, and earned media).


Oregon Latinx Leadership Network


Develop a COVID-19 Response Statewide communication plan to inform, educate, and engage Latino/a/x and Mesoamerican communities about safety to prevent and reduce the Coronavirus spread to adequately protect themselves. Communication vehicles include Spanish Language Radio, Indigenous Language Radio, Print, Social Media, Digital, Billboard, and Community Based Organizations. 


The Cinco de Mayo Fiesta is an annual fundraiser for the Portland Guadalajara Sister City Association (PGSCA) and a celebration of the friendship between both cities. The festival is a display of cultural, artistic, educational, and collaborative projects that are appealing and inviting for all ethnic backgrounds. IZO worked in partnership with Axiom Event Production to provide a full marketing and media campaign.

Axiom | Portland Guadalajara Sister City Association

Developed a communications strategy. Focus Groups (English & Spanish). Developed campaign brief. Strategic communications plan. Engagement strategy.

Diversity and Inclusion Initiative.

Our subcontracted work has helped Energy Trust strengthen residential outreach to Hispanic communities within its territory. By building awareness, we’ve helped create energy-saving activities in support of program savings goals.


CleaResult | Energy Trust of Oregon

Execute focus groups (English & Spanish). Conduct a cultural audit of existing materials. Develop a Hispanic market marketing plan. Develop/Creative materials in Spanish. Develop and execute events, media outreach as needed. Provide campaign analytics.

IZO worked with MetroPaint on creating a strategic communications plan: co-develop a campaign brief, engagement plan, marketing strategy, a sales plan, consulted on key messages and interim creative. Through our work, we have helped broaden sales and outreach to the general public with a particular emphasis in Latinx markets..


Metro Paint


Developed a communications strategy. Focus Groups (English & Spanish). Developed campaign brief. Strategic communications plan.
Engagement strategy.

In collaboration with Embrace Oregon, IZO developed a marketing plan targeting potential Latino Foster Parents. In partnership with Pivot, IZO created a marketing plan targeting selected counties throughout Oregon.
Pivot | Embrace Oregon
Billboard artwork and copy. Digital and Social Media Advertising. Created YouTube video ads and creative. Translated website splash page.
Spanish radio advertising and creative.
Build trust with the community. Salud has been around for over 50 years. First started as a community clinic to serve field migrant workers. Throughout the years Salud Medical Center has evolved to serve all in the community.

This campaign reminded the Woodburn community about Salud’s heritage. The campaign ran during?Summer/Fall 2018.

Salud Medical Center. Yakima Valley Farmworkers Clinic.


Created Spanish-speaking materials and content, Facebook Ads, and custom Youtube Ads.

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