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A multicultural podcast is launching

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Authentic, raw conversations with professionals, opening up about the good, bad, and in-between a career can bring. In their field, our guests are within influential organizations and impactful endeavors. We discover the lives and careers of inspiring leaders from various backgrounds. Join us as we embark on an unfiltered journey through the unique experiences that led them to where they are today.


This is not your typical podcast. No scripts, just genuine, motivating, and captivating stories from the forefront of achievement and transformation. 

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Hear the inspiring story of Isis Casanova, a Venezuelan journalist who underwent a career transformation amidst the pandemic, transitioning from a conventional career as an employee to a digital nomad in the world of freelancing. Isis shares with us her journey of taking a leap of faith in her career and how it profoundly altered her perspective. This authentic conversation highlights the challenging realities of Venezuela and the expansive horizons of remote work in the United States, Italy, Spain, and France. In this exclusive interview, we delve into her origins, obstacles, and valuable insights for flourishing in the realm of remote work all while being a single mother. Do not miss this incredible story that will leave you feeling inspired.

Listen to this episode in Spanish on Spotify, RSS, and Apple Podcasts. Watch this interview on our YouTube channel with English subtitles.

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Anthony Veliz

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Listen to diverse voices and perspectives as our guests
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IZO TALKS is a multicultural podcast, based out of Oregon.

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