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Energy Trust of Oregon

Run Better Spanish Advertising | Consulting | Campaign Analysis | Translation | Transcreation

About the Client

ETO is an organization that collaborates with utility companies, nonprofits, and government agencies to offer important clean energy benefits in Oregon. The company also serves small, medium, and large businesses to communicate these opportunities to Latino entrepreneurs in the state. ETO designed the Run Better/Rinde Más campaign with that in mind. IZO took the lead in offering consulting services for ETO’s Hispanic audience, generating better engagement and program participation.

Continuing to inspire change with ETO


Throughout various phases of the project, we’ve deepened our understanding of the target audience, from creating content awareness to finding ways to nourish the community’s commitment to clean energy. 


The Spanish print advertising for Rinde Más is designed to raise awareness among the Latino audience about Energy Trust and to motivate small business owners to learn more about energy efficiency.


For the target audience to feel connected, we used images of real people and real businesses. 

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Digital Banners and Social Media Ads

2021 Run Better Campaign

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