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Oregon Human Development Corporation

Specific and effective campaigns

Experience has led us to develop different research methods to reach each audience in their preferred format. In this case, radio and an open phone line aligned with the target audience's cultural tendencies.

About the Client

OHDC is a non-profit organization that has continuously supported farmworkers and disadvantaged individuals throughout Oregon since 1979. They provide guidance, facilitate access to benefits, education, distribution of resources, and defend workers’ rights. They also help provide underserviced communities with accessibility to Covid-19 vaccines.

The message merged into direct contact

Goals were focused on the specific strategy of overcoming barriers to the Latino community accessing vaccination. According to our learned experience, we opted for direct communication, an ideal method to convert reach into commitment and action.

A phone number was provided to increase accessibility to vaccine-related information. This increased vaccinations among the target audience, especially those who don’t use the internet. We used radio, phone calls, and social media ads to reach the goal of guiding the community to vaccination centers or, at the very least, call for more information.

The Results

Agricultural workers, families in rural areas, and groups with limited education were represented in this personalized campaign.

Programa Nacional para Trabajadores Agrícolas
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Oregon Emergency Rental Assistance Program
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Vaccine Campaign Social Media Production

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