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National Mentoring Month

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National Mentoring Month

January is National Mentoring Month and this year we sat down with Anthony Veliz, president and owner of IZO PR & Marketing, a multicultural marketing agency that specializes in Latino Marketing. Veliz is also the founder of PODER, Oregon’s Latino Leadership Network, STORI jobs, a diverse recruitment pipeline designed to connect diverse talent with employers in Oregon and SW Washington, as well as co-founder of OYEN Emotional Wellness Center, a bilingual and bicultural clinic that offers an array of mental health support.

During the interview Veliz spoke about the importance of mentorship and how beneficial it can be to share your experience and wisdom with others who are stepping into uncharted territory in their life.

“Always keep your mind open to different opportunities,” said Veliz as he spoke on advice he received from one of his mentors that one must be open to all opportunities, even the ones that may not necessarily be what you had in mind because life’s a journey and life changes.

Watch the video above to hear about one piece of advice Veliz would give anyone wanting to step into the role of mentor.

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