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Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Clackamas County

Comprehensive and Bilingual Campaigns

A Wonderful Alternative For Multicultural Audiences

WIC is a national resource for women, infants and children specializing in different programs for the nutritional well-being of infants from 0 to 5 years of age. One of its key programs promotes education in breastfeeding and introduces healthy and whole nutrition in early childhood. They also focus on essential factors that influence the children’s development, seeking to provide for their well-being. WIC initiated the promotion of its benefits with online and offline media, addressing cultural and educational barriers and socioeconomic characteristics of its target audience in Clackamas county.

Clackamas County Wic
Speaking the Same Language

Opening up to the target audience means also being able to establish effective communication with them. With that in mind, this campaign's contents, including videos, posts, and radio ads, were developed in English and Spanish, highlighting a call to action to establish direct communication with the program's customer service. The goal was to create closeness and present WIC as an organization within everyone's reach.

Key Aspects

The videos were created with a pleasanet aesthetic and also responded to the current needs of the digital public, evolving in greater demand towards the audiovisual format. Using subtitles and including a short family history, a connection was established with the niche market of contemporary adults, young families, but above all, with the woman of the house, who traditionally makes the nutrition decisions in the family. Beyond effective communication, the aim was to motivate enrollment in the program and get involved. With this on the table, the different campaign parts meshed to achieve a coherent theme with an educational tone. This reached a reasonable level of reception from the target audience and a broader view of what WIC programs represent in immigrant communities.

Video Production

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Social Media Production

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