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Marion County

As many Covid-19 campaigns took place, new questions would arise among Spanish-speaking communities regarding the pandemic and vaccination. Some were looking for general information, vaccination clinics, and general vaccine access for the Latino community in Marion County. The strategy designed for this informative campaign was essential to accomplish the established goals for this area.

A Strategy of Consistency and Simplicity

Agricultural workers, families in rural areas, and groups with limited education were represented in this personalized campaign.


Pursuing raising awareness and promoting vaccination, we facilitated access to vaccine-related information, testing and vaccination sites, and places where everyone could access information through trusted community organizations.


We used traditional and digital communication channels, billboards, radio, television, social media, and flyers to connect with the audience consistently. As events were scheduled throughout the area, the conscientious timing of releasing the information was necessary.


Familiar, relatable, and easy-to-understand language was used to reach Oregon’s Latino communities, suitable for all education levels.


The information was presented directly and clearly, a fundamental approach to successfully executing a campaign of broad reach.

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