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Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Multnomah County

Education of Services Provided

The target audience needed to be informed about the different phases of WIC's programs. This was accomplished by developing the design, writing the script, and creating and editing an animated video. This tool helped clarify the certifications WIC provides in Multnomah county.

WIC was challenged to address the different linguistic, cultural, ethnic, and racial barriers while consolidating a clear, simple, and educational message recreated in English, Russian, and Spanish.

Concept and Strategy

To goal was to provide an overview of the WIC certification process from the beginning to the end of graduation or recertification. The strategy was to use attractive animations for participants of different origins without showing specific stereotypes, and conception of images to represent abstract ideas, such as animations of the seasons to indicate the passing of time.

Illustration & Video Animation

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