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Oregon Latino Health Coalition

Amid the pandemic, misinformation was circulating within the community. A state-wide campaign was needed to motivate people to get vaccinated. This imperative campaign reached the Latino people through various communication channels.

Vacúnate Oregón - Haz tu parte

About the Client

OLHC was founded in 2004 and is unique in its mission to eliminate health inequalities that affect Latinos in Oregon through leadership, collaboration, and advocacy.

Amid the pandemic, their goal revolved around facilitating access to vaccination, fighting misinformation and cultural, linguistic, and educational barriers. IZO was committed to working on this project of altruistic principles.

Age, education level, location of residence, family composition, country of origin, and profession were considered in the planning of this campaign.

A broad approach of billboards, radio ads, television PSAs, and social media ads were strategically combined. Although the reach was extensive, the messaging was customized to specific individuals. Communication was personalized to mothers who take on the role of decision-makers regarding family health care, farmers, students, adults, the elderly and their caretakers—while giving a kind yet urgent feeling to the messaging and addressing vaccination misconceptions.

Empowering the audience

Video Production | Vacúnate Oregón – Haz tu parte 

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