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Oregon Latino Leadership Network

In this campaign, we focused on breaking through language barriers and overcoming contextual and cultural barriers by facilitating access to accurate, understandable information and localizing it for the target audience.

#PorMiFamilia Campaign

About the Client

Oregon Latino Leadership Network is a statewide network that works for the Latino community’s equitable access to Oregon’s public policies. The network comprises over 100 community organizations in both rural and urban areas. They collectively contributed to the great mission of equitable COVID-19 vaccine accessibility.  

IZO not only provided the information but also permeated the campaign with the motivation that connected the audience to the action of vaccinating as a loving and caring gesture.

With informative, educational, and motivating messaging, we expanded the campaign’s reach by highlighting the strengths of the natural cultural bonds in families, which is very distinctive in the Latino community.

Undoubtedly, the existing barriers represented a challenge, which is why the selected communication channels were mixed. The offline and online communication plan included original content in English, Spanish and indigenous languages (Purépecha, High and Low Mixtec, Zapotec, K’iche’, and Mam) for radio, print media, billboards, and social media. 

Communication during challenging times

Video Production & Transcreation

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