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Portland General Electric

We designed and conducted a strategy plan used throughout different projects with the common goal of communicating with the Latino audience with empathy.

Peak Time Rebates | Winter Safety | Downed Lines | Outage Preparedness | Bill Assistance

About the Client

PGE is a state-wide recognized utility company with more than 125 years of service. More than a utility company, they’re a friendly neighbor who is part of a diverse community. We focused on humanizing the brand, highlighting PGE as the friendly Oregon neighbor who’s always there for their customers.

Getting to know PGE as a friendly Oregon neighbor


The first challenge was to connect with the Latino audience in a natural way. We used everyday topics and activities to convey the right messaging tone. Such as barbecues, real PGE employee interviews, and all those little details that make us multicultural, from gastronomy to the enjoyment of gathering with friends.


Our strategy and marketing efforts focused on online and offline communication channels while keeping in mind the specific audience that each communication channel reaches.


Establishing a human connection was essential. We thought about the community’s needs regarding PGE’s efforts and highlighted PGE’s fantastic team who genuinely enjoy their work. This aim allowed the company to directly communicate with their Spanish-speaking customers in a way they hadn’t spoken to them before.


Of course, some challenges arose and were addressed along the way. Their tone developed by creating a Brand Style Guide and Best Practices for Spanish translations/transcreations. This Guide gave new meaning to their personality and improved their Spanish content, focusing on having a natural tone for their multicultural audience.

Bill Assistance Campaign

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Video Production

Facebook & Instagram Social Media Production

Radio Production | English Script

PGE: Hello, thank you for calling PGE. My name is Maria. How can I help you today?

Customer: Hi. You speak Spanish very well!

PGE: Of course, my father is from Sonora.

Customer: So am I! Boy, do I miss those fish tacos.

Customer: Look, the truth is I need help with my electricity bill.

PGE: Of course! We have different options, and together we can see which benefits you the most.

Customer: What a relief! Thank you so much.

Narrator: PGE, an Oregon kind of energy.

Outage Preparedness Campaign

Video Animation | Transcreation

Downed Lines Campaign

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811 Campaign

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Peak Time Rebates Campaign

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