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Unitus Community Credit Union

Unitus has a long trajectory of servicing communities in the northwest. They are part of Juntos Avanzamos, a designation program that identifies credit unions focused on the financial needs of Hispanic Americans and immigrants. Since 1937, Unitus has been committed to working with its members to help them reach their goals, offering financial support, and creating opportunities that characterize Unitus—always keeping their doors open. They strive to speak the same language as the multicultural community they serve, and that’s where IZO was able to help.

Research & Audience Insights

At IZO, we research our target audience’s insights to craft a complete, realistic, and extensive vision for each project.

We recognize that Latinos/Hispanics are Oregon’s youngest and fastest-growing demographic.


We determined that building trust and relationships today can lead to future financial services with the credit union. 


The lack of trust in financial institutions is a potential barrier. Some reasons may be immigration status, identification requirements, or linguistic barriers. 


Additionally, some banks have strict identification requirements or have limited to non-existent bilingual resources and services. This can interfere with the member’s ability to manage their finances.


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Consulting | Transcreation

Our complete consulting services cover both offline and online communication channels. Speaking to a Hispanic audience through content created in English isn’t always the best option. Our team includes native Spanish speakers who help determine when to use translations or transcreations. Understanding the community’s cultural context and the brand’s tone and voice in English and Spanish is vital to creating a cohesive messaging style throughout the different materials.


The client’s goals paved the way to design campaigns targeting native Spanish speakers. We collaborated on various promotion efforts, diffusion, and imagery for Hispanic Heritage Month, an important celebration for the Unitus team.

Spanish Campaigns

IZO collaborated with Unitus on Spanish language campaigns that included the transcreation of radio and video scripts, landing pages, and banner ads.

Translation and transcreation of Unitus content for graphics, audiovisual materials, videos, print, and media led Unitus to establish trust with its current and potential members. By showing that Unitus speaks the same language, not only was the community reached, but they connected with them, demonstrating the commitment to working together for a better future.

Translation and Transcreation

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