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Six Valuable Tips From Women In The Multicultural Marketing Field

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From a woman’s point of view, the world will always look and feel different with the cultural and language barriers and platforms in which they communicate. Their feminine touch is appreciated when tackling the responsibility and challenges of multicultural and multilingual communication.

In these experienced testimonials, you’ll find valuable content to add to your professional resources, from practical advice to ethical and innovative visions in different fields. Without further ado, enjoy what a diverse team of female marketing professionals has to say on International Women’s Day.

Evy Rodriguez


An essential quality in the work environment is being approachable. Having a team comprised of individuals that are collaborative, ready and willing to support each other is ideal. This way, we constantly learn from one another, which helps us grow stronger and produce high-quality results.”

Isis Casanova


“The best part of my experience in communicating with the Hispanic public for more than a decade has been finding the authenticity and personality that is key for Latin Americans. I understood that marketing was never about companies; it’s always about people. Understanding people will lead us to honest, authentic, and human communication.”

Angelica Angeles


“One piece of advice I’d give a fellow journalist is to always go back to the code of ethics. Our job is to seek truth and report it, even when the truth is unpopular, and that means inviting criticism. When it comes to sharing other people’s stories, there needs to be mutual trust. That means bringing humanity, truth, and accuracy while minimizing harm.”

Xochitl Torralba


“Professional growth is a significant value in the workplace. Although mistakes are inevitable, they can offer valuable learning experiences. When individuals are given the chance to tackle challenging tasks, they become competent and self-assured, making valuable contributions to the overall success and productivity of the workplace.”

Sharon Albor


“My advice to graphic designers starting their career would be to spend some time exploring their creativity in personal projects. This provides them freedom of expression, improves technique, increases skills, and they will constantly learn.”

Sheyla Felix


“For those starting out in graphic design, recognize the value of networking. Connections and professional networking can significantly influence the trajectory of one’s career. Take advantage of social events like dMob organized by AIGA Portland, which offers a welcoming environment to engage with the design community.”

An important common thread links this group of communicators composed of designers, translators, and journalists. An attitude committed to being a team and working for the audience they communicate to within each project. Assuming tasks responsibly, they seek growth in technical areas, company culture, thoughtful leadership, and studies to understand the workplace better.

Perhaps no advice can improve a woman’s professional performance as much as fantastic teamwork, a work environment that respects her role, and a set of business values that condition professionals to practice and continue growing.

What advice would you add to this list?

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